sewer cleanout services in Galloway Township NJ

Benefit from expertise, efficiency, and top-notch service with Clearline Sewer sewer cleanout services in Galloway Township NJ. Our team provides emergency sewer services, preventative sewer drain cleaning, and sewer line repairs.

When your sewer backup can’t wait — Clearline Sewer is on the job.
sewer cleanout services in Galloway Township NJ

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Clear your lines. Clear your day.
Fast and professional sewer cleanout services in Galloway Township NJ

Whether you are experiencing a sewer backup, need sewer or water line repairs, or want to schedule preventive maintenance, sewer issues don’t need to be a huge stress. Clearline Sewer offers efficient and reliable service for all your sewer needs.
Just give us a call — we’re on it.

“Within one hour of speaking with CLS, they were at my home and the blockage was resolved.”

You have too much to do to be stressed about sewer issues. Clearline’s efficient and reliable customer service is the reason our clients consistently leave us ***** reviews 

The best company you could ask for! Very professional and fix every plumbing problem you  have. Amador (sorry if i mispelled his name) was the best! Fixed everything! Cleaned after finishing! Super sweet person. If i could give this company 10 stars, I would.

Only SachaJ

Andy was professional, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure my issues were solved. Thank you for your warm smile and expertise!

Nicole Bethea

What I thought was going to be a tile removal project, turned out to be a simple replacement of a part , spindle.

The men were professional and pleasant.

Elizabeth Ogureck

Great service and people.  Andy responded immediately and came out and fixed our backed up sewer line.  Thank you!!

David Snyder


What happens if you clear my line and I’m still having sewer backups?

As long as no wipes are being used and the line is not broken, Clearline Sewer offers a 30-day warranty. Our dedicated team will come back to clear your clogged sewer line for free.

Do you do camera inspections on sink lines? 

Yes. We use a specialized camera for sink lines. We also offer camera sewer line inspection for all sewer lines.

What if sewer backups are caused by a broken pipe?

We offer free estimates for sewer line replacement and repairs.

Are you available after hours?

Yes. We can be contacted 24/7. We understand that sewer backups are an emergency and we pride ourselves on being available at all times.

What do I do if I have recurring backups in my sewer line?

In areas with a lot of trees, tree roots constantly grow into the sewer lines, causing damage. Regular maintenance will clear roots before they become a problem. CLS offers preventative maintenance plans to avoid sewer backups and save you time and money.

Do you replace exterior water lines?

Yes. We offer spot repairs as well as full line replacements.

Clear your sewer lines within the day

Your sewer backup is an emergency and it can’t wait. At Clearline Sewer, your sewer issue is our top priority. You’ll get professional, efficient, and friendly service any time you call — and you’ll have your pipes flowing smoothly again within 24 hours.

Water Pump Services

Keep your water pumps working optimally and avoid emergencies with regular pump maintenance.

  • Sewer Pit Cleaning
  • Water pump cleaning
  • Water pump replacements
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Exterior Water Line Repair and Replacement

Broken water lines cause leaks and affect the water supply in your home or building. Our expert plumbers will repair or replace water lines and water tanks.

  • Water line repairs
  • Water line replacements
  • Water tank replacements
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Exterior Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

When pipes are damaged, a sewer line cleanout won’t do the trick. Our expert plumbers will repair cracked or broken sewer pipes and replace lines when the damage is severe.

  • Sewer line repair
  • Full sewer line replacement
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Plumbing Camera Services

A sewer line inspection will quickly and accurately locate the source of sewer problems so you can repair the issue and avoid future sewer backups.

  • Main sewer line inspections
  • Toilet and sink line inspections
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Sewer Cleaning

Your clogged sewer line shouldn’t take over your day. We’ll have your pipes flowing again with no stress on you.

  • Snaking
  • Jetting
  • Main sewer
  • Stack lines
  • Toilet and sink lines
  • Preventative maintenance
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