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From Clogs to Catastrophes
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What happens if you clear my line and I’m still having sewer backups?

As long as no wipes are being used and the line is not broken, Clearline Sewer offers a 30-day warranty. Our dedicated team will come back to clear your clogged sewer line for free.

Do you do camera inspections on sink lines?

Yes. We use a specialized camera for sink lines. We also offer camera sewer line inspection for all sewer lines.

What if sewer backups are caused by a broken pipe?

We offer free estimates for sewer line replacement and repairs.

Are you available after hours?

Yes. We can be contacted 24/7. We understand that sewer backups are an emergency and we pride ourselves on being available at all times.

What do I do if I have recurring backups in my sewer line?

In areas with a lot of trees, tree roots constantly grow into the sewer lines, causing damage. Regular maintenance will clear roots before they become a problem. CLS offers preventative maintenance plans to avoid sewer backups and save you time and money

Do you replace exterior water lines?

Yes. We offer spot repairs as well as full line replacements.

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